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How to learn to code – other people’s advice /2


today I will post you part of another advice from a great programmer and person. If you are new to the world of the programming you may find this piece of text useful. I surely hope it will be useful.  I deleted some parts of the text that are not informative.

Here is the advice:

I hope you’re still going strong and haven’t lost confidence or interest! 

There are tons of good Git tutorials out there, but I have no idea how I’ve learned to use it. I’m sending you a presentation by one of my friends, I think it explains some of it quite well, and here’s another resource: https://dont-be-afraid-to-commit.readthedocs.org/en/latest/git/index.html  This is part of a great couse about committing to Django (open source project! :)) but you don’t really have to care about this kind of stuff just yet. These might not be the most beginner-friendly resources on earth but I can’t seem to remember better ones. If you totally don’t understand something, just ask me! 

Here’s a talk I saw about making your first contribution to open source. While it might be a bit early for you to think about that, it’s worth watching! 🙂https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x78LukPdwiM

About conferences: the one I attended was EuroPython in July, that’s a pretty big one, but there are also some named PyCon, and you could check out DjangoCon as well. http://www.pycon.org/ 

Yes, I only learned Python for about 3 months, only then I started HTML and CSS, and web development in general. But I think it’s nice to know about these two early on 🙂 

One tip I wish I knew earlier when I was a beginner: I read you’re using Notepad which is cool, but you’ll need a proper text editor later, when you’re making more complex projects. Maybe it’s a good idea to get used to using one! You’ve probably met something like Sublime Text in the Django Girls tutorial. That’s the one I’m using too and it has so many awesome features! (I think I only know about like 10% of them:) ) For example, there’s syntax highlighting. The editor highlights different parts of the code with different colors so it’s easier to read and navigate. You can also use a multiple selection, like you had not one but ten or whatever cursors, so you can edit ten different occurrences of a word at the same time. So cool! Also, you can open whole projects with this, not just single files, and it’s much easier to work with this. 

You’ve probably heard already that “real developers use Linux”. It’s clearly an exaggeration, everyone uses what they like to use. But I switched to Linux from Windows about a year ago and I haven’t regretted it a bit. It’s so much easier learning to code in Linux, all the coder tools work so much better with it. Windows is famous for being hard to make it work if you’re a developer 🙂 So I’d suggest researching about Linux a bit if you feel like it. (If you’d want to install it but aren’t 100% sure, there’s a great solution: you can make your computer dual-boot – that mean you have two operating systems on it, and you decide which one to boot when you start your machine. That’s how I’m doing it, btu I’m hardly ever booting into Windows anymore. I suggest you give it a try!)