Here is the list of all resources I used on my self-teaching-programming journey. I will keep it updated so do not forget to check it regularly.

  1. Codecademy is a good start for a beginner. It offers interactive courses from HTML to Python. So far I completed Python course and will probably return to do HTML & CSS course as well.
  2. Non-Programmer’s Tutorial for Python 3. This wiki book was written for people who have never written a single line of code before. Try not only to read theoretical part but solve exercises as well. This will take you even more hours to pass one chapter but it is worthy. I even printed the book cause I love to doodle 🙂
  3. Introduction to computer science and Python by Dave Evans at UDEMY. I liked it. It was my second learning material after codecademy so I was still beginner. It may be boring if you are intermediate level. In addition, first few slides are about computers en general which is valuable source of useful information as well.
  4. The Ultimate Python Programming Tutorial by Infinite Skills at UDEMY. This one is quite long as there are 95 videos. Average length is 5 minutes. I liked this course because I learned to use Command Prompt. Instructor is using Python 2 and Python 3. This did not bother me so it probably won’t bother you.
  5. HTML workshop was the most boring among all courses that I took so far. It is nothing than explanation of basic HTML tag names and attributes. But it probably won’t hurt if you would listen to these 16 videos.
  6. HTML Tutorial at is quite an awesome resource to learn HTML syntax. The only disadvantage is that there are so many details explained and it is hard to learn them all by heart. I think that the best use of this resource is to save it among favourite web pages. Come back often and practice each chapter few times. Write what you learned in notepad and then check how your new web page looks like.
  7. Code a personal splash page in 1 hour by Ken Mazaika at UDEMY. Loved this course. It is very short but you will learn useful basics. Instructor is comprehensive and talks with enthusiasm which I appreciated.
  8. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python by edX  is a course d’une grande qualité I must warn you that I have not completed this course. I gave up after the second week because the exercises are very demanding and by working full time I was not able to devote hours required to fully understand the concepts. However, I would recommend it to everybody who is willing to work 10 – 14 hours / week on this course and is looking for quality resource.

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