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Few more magazines

Not so long ago I created amateur webpage project for free sharing of 2nd hand print magazines. I love to read but I do not want to accumulate all these magazines. This is why I am willing to send them over.

I have added Forbes, Fast Company, Wired and Harvard Business Review.

Link where you can find magazines is here. 


Project – Free Magazine

When I was strating with Python learning my main question was: What is the most efficient way to learn to code. With few exceptions, the answer was: Try to solve your own problem or Make your own little project. 

Since then I accumulated almost uncountable numbers of ideas, mostly in the mHealth or digital health field. On the other hand, I was also thinking about things that are not related to medicine. One idea that occured months ago but still waiting its realization was a result of my passion for reading.

Reading is one of my favourite free time activites. I enjoy buying books and expanding my private library. I am also subscriber to few magazines. After reading I put them on a bookshelf but I believe that somebody else could take advantage of reading them. I will rarely take one magazine for a second or third time. I usually take out what I want to remember and rest of the text is forgotten. This is why I would like to create a web page for free sharing of print magazines. For instance, it was quite a struggle to become a Forbes subscriber as I am from Europe. Forbes is one example of very inspirational and motivational magazine that boost your enthusiasm no matter the field you are working in. This is why I believe other can have benefit from reading it.

As I actually do not know how to code, my ‘web-page’ will be probably very very simple. With the title, pictures of cover magazines that I am willing to send anybody who will demanded them first for free and with ugly url address as it will be hosted on dropbox.

So expect the announcement of web page for sharing used print magazines between readers.


Starting to learn to code was a good idea

I admit, tech-entrepreneur hype took over me when I was in my last year of medical school. I do not remember how I started to read about entrepreneurship, it just occured. I am Forbes, FastCompany, Entrepreneur… magazine subscriber and it is being very inspirational reading through some of the success stories in mentioned articles. Aha, I remember now. it was when I read this article by Vinod Khosla: Technology will replace 80 % of what doctors do. 

As a medical student I was not keen about the idea. After all I spend long years studying medicine and now computers will take over our position. I remember being so absorbed in studies that I barely had time to think or do anything else. I do not regret it but I do think that having broader picture of how world function is not bad idea at all. Let’s go back to the story. So after reading this Fortune article I started to read about tech innovations and this soon lead me to the sillicon valley start ups. Do not be surprised, but for an average med student as myself, this revelation was quite incredible. So, next discovery was that developers are gods. If you want to start a start-up it must be in the tech field and if it is in the tech field you must know how to code.

Before I started to code I made a lot of brainstorming about different problems that could be solved in the field of healthcare. I got many of them and after not so much time I realized that all were already ‘taken’. I said to myself that the best thing would be to learn how to code so I will be able to create something. So I started, at the moment I had some free time, it was just after graduation so I went through some courses and read few books. Now after few months I am still not able to write a decent program. In addition, working as MD does not give me a lot of time for my coding education. But still it was great experience. It gave me valuable insights. Even if I will not be able to write the simplest program, learning to code was valuable lesson (and still is):

1. Learning to code helped me to meet a lot of people from the fields such as entrepreneurship, computer science, programming. It was great learning how they work and think. I think every physician who has enthusiasm for tech, computers, entrepreneurship should met a lot of people from these fields.

2. Learning to code helped me to learn that programming is not that cool as it may be presented in media. This experience, made me reevaluate the privilege that I have being physician. One thing we will always need is a knowledge how to help people feel better. Working as MD can be a good way to do that. Combining that with technology can be even more potent.

3. I learned some basics about computers and can be calm in not believing Vinod Khosla words. At least not in near future as he is predicting.

So if you are wondering whether or not you should started learn coding I think it will be rewarding and valuable experience. Even if you will not turn pro developer.